What is Clara Benefits?

Clara Benefits is a program designed to offer your company savings, protection, and access to exclusive services. Every time you use Clara cards, you will receive benefits that will make all areas of your business grow.

We share with you the following information that may be useful to answer your questions:

  • Could only Clara clients have access to these benefits?
      • Yes, only companies that are already registered with Clara can use the benefit
  • Are all the benefits the same, no matter the type of card I have?
      • The benefits offered by our allies (e-commerce, travel, food, travel, education, tech, etc.) apply the same regardless of the type of Clara card
      • The benefits offered through our alliance with Mastercard vary depending on the type of card
  • How can I validate a benefit from one of the allies: e-commerce, travel, food, travel, education, etc.?

      • Identify the benefit you want to make valid

      • Write an email to benefits@clara.team

      • Indicate the ally/benefit you are interested in making valid

      • Our team will respond to you indicating the redemption mechanism that we have established with that ally

  • Where can I consult the complete list of benefits that Clara offers through its alliance with Mastercard?

      • You can consult the complete list, as well as its redemption mechanism, in the specific section within our Help Center

      • Select the type of Clara card you have to find out the specific benefits: Clara White or Clara Black

  • What can I do if I have a problem validating one of the benefits that Clara offers through its alliance with Mastercard?

  • How does Clara's cashback work?

    • All transactions you make with virtual or physical Clara cards generate 1 to 5% cashback. We invite you to read this article that explains the terms and conditions.

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