Request and approval of cards

Creating a card from the platform is a simple process, however, knowing what type of card to create and its details for a particular use can be a burden of time and organization.

What if users could create their own cards and simply wait for approval from their managers?

Well, now it's possible.

Now, employees will be able to have the opportunity to request cards from their platform, and by entering the information that will help speed up the issuance process. And now only the manager will be asked to approve or not the request.


This feature speeds up the card creation process. The employee has the autonomy to request new cards according to his needs and the manager maintains control of those issued while recovering a lot of time from operational demands.


All information, from card application to spending, is saved on the Clara platform, easy to access and consult at any time.


How to do it?

  1. The employee must fill out a form on the Clara Web Platform and available in its Cards section.
  2. He will write the reason and request approval and creation of the card.
  3. Managers and business owners will have a Request tab with all requested approvals that need review.

  4. Employees' direct managers will receive a card request notification via email.
  5. Administrators/owners will be able to change requests before card creation.



What profiles can request cards?
Only users with the Employees role will be able to request cards.

What type of cards can be requested?
They can only request virtual or physical White cards.

Is it possible to cancel a card application?

Employees can only cancel the application when the status is pending.


Will managers be able to edit information before approving and issuing a card?
Yes, they can edit all Card parameters set by the employee, except the card type and delivery address in the case of Clara White physical cards.

How will customers be notified of card requests?
Both Employees and Managers will be notified by email of new Pending requests, approved and rejected requests, with all Request details.

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