Information about CIEC and FIEL

To forget about autograph signatures and to always be at the forefront of technology, all our contracts are signed online using the SAT e.signature, also called FIEL; you usually get it from the counter.

To consult the fiscal information, we need you to enter with the CIEC (Commercial Electronic Identification Key) of the company.


CIEC is an electronic identification that is made up of the RFC and a password. This key is encrypted, we do not have access to it. This way, we can consult the fiscal information without having to ask you for your annual declarations or financial statements. Finally, all information is 100% secure on our platform because all data is encrypted.

  • To have your Clara account, it is vital to sign with FIEL and CIEC.

  • Feel confident that you are not sharing your data or files with us, you are carrying out an electronic signature procedure with the company's credentials generated by the SAT.
  • Legally and technologically, the files and passwords you use do not travel from point A to point B, since they are only used as means of authentication.Captura_de_Pantalla_2022-06-01_a_la_s__13.47.26.png
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