How does the spending limit per card work?


Each Clara card, whether virtual or physical, can have a set spending limit. This limit can be set daily, or monthly and can be modified as needed.


How do I assign the spending limit per card?

The company owner can set a specific budget for each group (work area/team) within the total credit line of your company. 

The manager who manages the groups, is responsible for distributing the budget among the members of their team. That is, both the company owner and the manager can set credit limits, both by group and by user.


For example, if the company's total line of credit is $100,000.00 MXN, the company owner may do the following:

For example:

  • Set a limit of $25,000.00 MXN to 4 groups, for example: Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, and Finance. The company owner may choose to apply this limit on a daily, or monthly.

With the set limit, each manager can allocate the $25,000.00 MXN across their team, for example: The Operations Team has 5 associates in the field, so the Operations manager could do the following:

  • Assign a limit of 5,000.00 MXN to each Employee's business card. Likewise, the Manager can decide to apply this limit daily or monthly.


To learn more about the attributes of each user, we recommend reading the article Profile Types.



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