Connect foreign accounts with Clara - Plaid

Plaid is an open banking platform that allows users to securely connect their financial accounts to Clara.


What is the purpose of using Plaid?

Clara uses Plaid to easily acquire updated financial information from our customers without the need for periodic requests for documentation. This allows us to offer larger lines of credit without regularly requesting updated information.


Connecting to Plaid enables Clara to offer larger lines of credit with reduced exposure to risk.


What information does Clara obtain?

The current balance of the connected financial account.


Benefits of connecting with Plaid

  • Access to larger lines of credit.
  • Save time, as you won't have to manually share statements anymore.
  • Connection in less than 3 minutes.
  • Keep your information secure: Plaid ensures the secure transfer of data


How do I connect to Plaid?

  1. Log in to your Clara platform.
  2. Go to the "Company" section.
  3. Click on "Connect Foreign Accounts."
  4. Access the option "Connect New Account."
  5. Select your bank.
  6. Enter your banking details (as if you were logging in to your bank) and you're done.
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