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Your Clara platform is the comprehensive solution for managing your company’s finances. That is why you can now make payments to your most common services using your Clara line of credit.

What types of payments can I make?
Water, TV, government, telephone, internet, catalog sales, power, gas, and

How do I generate a service payment?
1. Go to the Service section on the left side of the menu
2. Select the service you want to pay 
3. Enter the receipt code or account number
4. Make your payment with your line of credit
5. Download your proof of payment

Is there a limit of how much I can pay?
At Clara there is no limit of how much you can pay for services, when and if you do not go over your line of credit. Some services limit the amount you can pay each month to $30,000 Mexican pesos.Is the payment is made using the Clara line of credit?
That is correct. The payment is made through the Clara line of credit.
Does the beneficiary have to register to make the payment?
There is no need to add the beneficiary. Simply put in your reference or account number.
Will a receipt be generated?
Within each payment detail, you can download a receipt that contains the authorization number, where you can see the status of each payment.
Are direct payments possible?
Not yet, but we are working on it. This will be available very soon.
Who has access to this feature?
Originally, only the cardholder users had access, but this feature can now easily be given to managers and employees. Simply go to the team section, look for the user, and click on modify role. Lastly, select the pay services box for that user.
How long does it for the payment of service to be reflected?
This depends on the establishment, but it should not take more than 24 hours.
If I put in the account number for the service, will the system show how much I should pay?
For now, we suggest you put in the exact amount to be paid.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us through our communication channels, or write us at

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