How does the referrals program work?

Refer and win with Clara.

Get a reward for each company you refer to us that registers with your link and makes their first transaction.

How can I refer a company?
1. Enter your Clara account and click on the button “My Profile”.

2. Click on the button “Refer and win with Clara”. 
3. Copy the personalized link and share it through social media, email, or WhatsApp.
4. In this link, the company should register with their company email.
5. When your referral completes its first transaction with Clara, you will both receive your reward.

What do I win with the referral?

By helping us reach more companies, we will give you a reward of gratitude. You can view the amount of your rewards in the referral section of your Clara platform.

Can I publish my link in social media and mention the reward amount?

Yes. The more companies that register with your link and make their first transaction, the more rewards you will receive.

When will we receive the reward once my referral has made their transaction?

On the same day the referred company makes their first transaction.

 Who sends the card to my referral?

It is an automatic process, so it is received by email.

For how long will this program be valid?

Indefinitely. We will contact you in case of any changes.

Do my referrals get any special benefits for having been invited by me?
Yes. Referrals get a special welcome bonus and preferential attention during the registration procedure.

How will I know if my referral has continued with the registration

We will let you know when your referral registers and when we offer them a line of credit. When they make their first transaction, we will send you your reward.
In addition, from the referral section of your Clara platform, you will be able to see the current status of all your referrals.

Is there any limit of referrals I can make?

No. In Clara, we will be happy to receive all your acquaintances.


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