Elite Valet Mastercard

Parking at the Mexico City Airport is now a breeze. Take your car to the airport and leave it with Mastercard Elite Valet services. With Clara Black, your parking will only cost $.01 Mexican Pesos for up to 5 days and a maximum of 2 times a month. And when you return to Mexico, the valet service will deliver your car, washed and free of charge. Arriving and departing from the airport has never been easier.

To leave your automobile with Elite Valet Mastercard, drive it to the following location:

Park n´ Fly: Boulevard Puerto Aéreo 151, Col. Federal, México, DF. Or you can find it on Google Maps as: Elite Valet Mastercard.
To get your car upon your return, look for Elite Valet personnel located at Terminal 1 Puerta #3 (Door #3) or at Terminal 2 Puerta #4 (Door #4)

Important: We recommend you arrive before the time set by your airline for arrival.

Terms and conditions here.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us through our communication channels, or write us at contacto@clara.com
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