What is Clara Payments?

It is a system that streamlines the way you make your payments to suppliers and services to any bank regardless of the day or time.

With Clara Payments, you can:

  1. Make all your payments charged to your line of credit.
  2. Have a record of all payments in your company.
  3. Link the invoice corresponding to each movement.
  4. Schedule your payments on the day and time you prefer.


How can I obtain Clara Payments for my company?

If you are the owner: You can contact us through our communication channels: chat, mail or call. To validate if your company can acquire this service.

If you are a collaborator: Make sure that your company has the active service and ask the owner of your company to give you access to this section by following these steps:

  1. Enter your Clara account and click on Team in the menu
  2. Choose the user inside and go to the last column of the table
  3. Select the 3 points and Edit Role
  4. Check the boxes to activate the Payment sections that your collaborator will have access to



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