Transaction Status

At Clara, we feature three transaction statuses that users can see on the web platform and mobile app. Please see the explanations below:

  • Notification. Notification is when a merchant notifies us know that a purchase was made with your Clara card.
  • Pending. This transaction is one step away from approval. However, the merchant has not yet changed the status. At this point, it's important to understand that:
    • Pending transactions won't appear on your account statement. Therefore, these transactions aren't charged until they appear authorized on the platform.
  • Authorized. At this point, your transaction has been authorized by the merchant and will appear on your next statement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Invoices can only be attached to transactions whose status is Authorized. If you already have the invoice but can't upload it, please help by checking your transaction status. If its status is Notification or Pending, please wait for it to become Authorized.


If you have any further questions, please let us know.

At Clara, we're always on the lookout for client needs and concerns.

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