How can I pay my Clara account?

Paying your Clara card is easier than anywhere else!


Pay your Clara card via electronic banking, SPEI or directly debit your payments, avoid hassles and save time!

How does each one work?

Direct debit:

  1. Log into your Clara platform.
  2. Go to the Company or Dashboard section.
  3. Click on Direct Debit payments.
  4. Enter the CLABE of an active company account.
  5. Verify that information is correct.
  6. Save changes
  7. Ready! Your payments will be made on time and without wasting time.


The time it takes us to charge your account is 48 business hours after the direct debit. Please take this information into consideration to avoid late payments:



  1. Log into your Clara platform.
  2. Within your Dashboard, select the Pay Balance option.

  3. Click on the option Using SPEI.
  4. Copy your CLABE account.
  5. Enter your Clara account's CLABE in your banking portal.
  6. Choose STP bank and enter the exact payment amount. If your portal asks you to register the company name or R.F.C., our information is: CF Tech, S.A. de C.V. - CTE200430K17.
  7. You're done! Your payment will appear immediately.
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