What documents do I need to open my Clara account?

To open your Clara account and start enjoying your benefits, we need from you:

  • Legal representative's passport or ID issued by INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística \[National Statistics Institute])
  • Proof of address of the company (maybe electricity, telephone, water, or paid-TV bill)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Powers of Attorney (if the Articles of Incorporation don't include it)
  • Three most recent bank statements
  • Company's RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes \[Federal Tax Payer ID])
  • FIEL for credit bureau signature. To verify the validity of your FIEL signature, click here.
  • SAT connection to obtain proof of tax status by the signature (CIEC).

For more information about FIEL and CIEC go to this article. 

If you require more information on what each document must include is available here.


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