What do I do if my card doesn't swipe?

Before making any payment, verify that:

  1. The card is activated.
  2. The card is not blocked in your app.
  3. You have a balance available for purchase(s).
  4. Your company's total credit limit isn't topped out.


Why might some merchants decline to accept my card?

  1. The account administrator restricted payments to the specific merchant.
  2. Card with no available balance.
  3. Payment network failure (please retry paying).


What can I do?

  1. If you have an administrator role, log into your account from the website and edit the limits and timeframe. If your account has an employee role, contact whoever created your card and ask them to adjust your limit and timeframe.
  2. Check your app to make sure that you're using a valid and activated card.
  3. Use the PIN that came with your card. Remember that it can't be changed.

  4. Try to run a test transaction ($10.00) to confirm that your card is not blocked and that the error may be due to a failure with the terminal where you tried to make the unsuccessful charge.


If your card was declined and did not fall within the above scenarios, please write to us for support.


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