What are the benefits of using Clara?

These are some of the benefits that Clara offers:


  • Access to our platform to monitor and control the flow of your company's expenses in real time.
  • Review transaction history, users, statements, etc. within your Clara platform.
  • View your transactions in real time on the iOS and Android app, and/or on the Web (both free of charge).
  • Query and filter your transactions for a customized report.

Unlimited physical and virtual cards

  • Get one physical card per employee, as well as unlimited virtual cards. All cards are accepted internationally (Mastercard).
  • Assigns a credit limit per card, which can be changed at any time.
  • Get exclusive benefits with your Clara Black card.
  • Use your virtual cards immediately after they're created.
  • Credit line according to your needs.

Automated Billing:

  • Invoice reconciliation of payments without so much paperwork.
  • All your invoices in one place and just one click away.


  • Feel safe about the information you provide, it's encrypted.
  • We work under local regulations.
  • Secure access to the platform.

Among many more, discover them soon!


Check out this comparison chart with additional reasons for you to choose Clara:


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