Pro and Enterprise Plans

Clara's PRO and Enterprise plans offer more sophisticated capabilities on top of our core platform. With these new editions, businesses of all sizes and complexities can rely on Clara as the ultimate financial platform to save time and money while scaling and managing their financial operations from start to finish.

Understanding the needs of our customers with more sophisticated financial needs, Clara's PRO and Enterprise plans help:

  • Automate complex financial processes.
  • Manage corporate expenses at scale.
  • Capture savings opportunities automatically.
  • Integrate the Clara ecosystem to existing systems and processes in your company.

Functionalities and features

Clara “PRO” and Clara “Enterprise” are optional versions for customers who need more automation, customization and advanced capabilities for their more complex financial needs. Our teams are continually working on new features, functionality and integrations to meet the varied and constantly evolving needs of all our customers.

Advanced functionalities will be identified with a “PRO” badge within the platform.
Check out our plans page for the full feature breakdown.


We have monthly and annual subscription options, the annual version has a 20% discount. At any time, you will have the option to maintain your subscription to a plan or return to the free version of Clara.

Once you confirm your interest in a subscription in a “PRO” or “Enterprise” plan, the subscription will be charged automatically in your Clara account statement under the concept “Platform Commission”.


Subscription management

If you want to check details about your subscription, “PRO” and “Enterprise” plans or manage changes to your subscription, you can do so directly on your web platform by following the following steps:

1. Go to the “Company” section

2. Click on the “Details” tab

3. Under the title “Subscription” you can check which version of the platform you have access to and what your subscription cost is.

4. You can click on the “Manage subscription” link to request more information about the plans, change your subscription, cancel your subscription, among other actions


Frequent questions

  1. Why do I see on my platform that I have PRO functionalities if I have not requested to subscribe to this plan?
    Don't worry. You may be in a free trial period. If you are an administrator, check your email for more details or contact our help center.

  2. If I take part in a free trial of Clara “Pro” or “Enterprise”, will I be automatically charged at the end of the trial period?
    No. We will not charge a subscription without the consent of an administrator user.

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