Opportunities for savings in your company


At Clara, we focus on empowering our clients and, moreover, facilitating and improving their management and communication regarding corporate expenses. That's why we created the Spending Insights feature, where Administrators and Accountants can visualize findings, identifying savings opportunities and abnormal changes in your expenses.


These findings will be generated once a month and updated on your platform on the 5th of each month.


What types of Insights do we have available?

Currently, we have 5 different types of Insights that will be reported based on your company's expenses in each period.


Insight Type

How it works?

Duplicated Subscription We identify potential subscriptions being contracted by multiple users in your company.
New price on a subscription

We identify changes in the price of a subscription relative to previous months.

Delayed Subscription

We identify delays in the date when a subscription payment is normally due.

Subscription stopped

We identify previously active subscriptions that did not generate a charge this month.

Change in Monthly Spending

We identify significant changes in your monthly spending level at a particular merchant.


How does Clara identify subscriptions?

Clara identifies subscriptions through expenses of the same amount made on the same day of the month, for at least the last 4 months. For example, if we notice that the merchant "Transportes ABC" charges the same amount on the same card every 5th of the month, and this has been repeated for the past 4 months, Clara identifies this expense as a possible subscription.


Where can I find the Insights?

The Insights will be visible in the "Summary" section of your platform, appearing as a series of cards with a brief summary of the Insight


By selecting the card, you can view a section with the complete details of the Insight, including:


  • The description of the Insight.
  • The transactions used to calculate the Insight.
  •  Buttons to provide feedback about the Insight.


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