Clara National Payments Daily Commissions

Daily Commission Scheme in Clara Payments


We have adopted a new daily commission scheme for your payments to suppliers. Now, you will only pay a commission for the days that you maintain a pending balance with Clara Payments, providing you with flexibility and helping you make more informed financial decisions.


Please note that from now on, the National Payments tool can only access 75% of your total credit line.


💡Illustrative Example: Your company makes a financed payment on the 2nd of the month for $10,000 and on the 3rd for $5,000 while waiting for your customers to pay you on the 4th. On the 4th, you pay the $15,000 requested plus the commission generated by that financing.


* The commission percentage is for reference only; your company's commission may vary.


Financed Days: 3

Total amount to pay in commissions: $61 + VAT


Previous Scheme:

The previous scheme was a transaction cost, regardless of the number of days you used the financing.


With the new scheme, you will gain more flexibility for short-term liquidity. Additionally, it offers a lower fee solution for your corporate payments.


Important Note: Regardless of the financing window, the total balance must be covered by the cutoff date. Once a client is in default, we stop generating daily fees and begin applying late interest on the total balance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know exactly what commission amount I need to pay for each payment made?
The new model calculates the commission from your outstanding payment balance on a daily basis; the commission is not calculated per transaction.


Does the charged commission include VAT?
No, the commission does not include VAT; this will be charged separately.


What happens if I don't pay my statement on the due date (tenth day of the next billing cycle)?
If you don't pay the total amount of the financed balance + commissions on day X, we stop generating daily commissions and start applying late interest on the total balance of your debt (credit card and supplier payments).


Until when will daily commissions be charged?
Daily commissions will be charged until your payment reflects in your Clara balance. Typically, payments will reflect on the next business day.


What happens if a payment is returned?
The total amount of the payment + the commission and VAT generated up to that point will be refunded.


Is there a usage limit on my credit line?
Yes, from now on, the National Payments tool can only access 75% of your credit line.

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