Automatic Invoice Matching

At Clara, we understand that expense reconciliation can take a lot of time and effort, which is why we have implemented Automatic Invoice matching.

This new automatic feature will reduce the time spent manually matching invoices.

How does it work?

This update automatically matches invoices through identical comparison between the merchant's RFC, purchase amount, and purchase date.

If you have a connection to SAT from your Clara platform, this function is enabled and nothing additional is necessary on your part. Invoices will be matched automatically without additional effort.



  • How can I identify that there was an automatic link?
    You will be able to filter the transactions and the Auto-matched option will appear. When you open the transaction detail, you will see a label like Auto-matched.

  • Can I attach more invoices?
    Of course, you can attach more invoices if you require it.

  • Can I delete auto-matched invoices?
    Yes, you can delete the automatically matched invoices and manually link a new invoice.

  • If I remove the automatically linked invoice from the transaction, would the invoice disappear forever?
    No! You can find the invoice in the suggested invoice section. 


For it to work correctly, we must link to the SAT from the Clara platform.
To do it, please Enter to Company option and immediately in the tab SAT connection

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