Templates to create cards

We know that quickly creating cards is important for your company, that's why we present Templates, to simplify and speed up this process on many cards with the same configurations.

What is Templates?

The template is a default information template that is used to create new cards. In the template you can preset all the settings of a card such as: type, alias, limit, period of use, days of use, category restrictions, etc; making the creation of cards more agile and simple for your company.

Example: I want to create a meal card for my 50 employees. Instead of going one by one and setting the amount per day, I can go to the card templates, create a template with the information I want as default and now in the “new card” section I select the “template selector”, choose the one I created above, and the configuration will load instantly.

Likewise, I have the option to edit that specific card (not the template) at the time. I can also create multiple cards at the same time with the same template for multiple users. That template will save me time and streamline my processes.

How does it work?

  1. Enter your Clara platform and go to the Cards section, you will find an additional tab like “Templates”; Select the “New Template +” option and a form will appear.
  2. Next, you can fill out the fields you want as default:
    Template alias
    Card alias (this is how you will be able to recognize the card)
    Card type (Virtual, Black or White)
    Credit limit
    If you wish, the template can also include advanced settings.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Now, you can return to the “Summary” section; create a “New card” and in the Templates option, select the alias of the template that was just created.
  5. The fields you chose as default will be filled automatically; create the card and that's it!


What is the difference between creating a Card and a Template?

The template is a model that will be used for creating new cards. Before creating a new Card, you must go to the *Card* section and go to the Templates tab; create a Template. After that you can create a Card based on a Template.


What profiles can create and view Templates?
Only administrators can create and edit templates.

  • Users with the manager role can view templates for White and virtual cards and use them in the creation of cards, however, they cannot edit them.
  • Users with an accountant role can view all Templates, but cannot use or edit them.
  • Users with an employee role cannot view or use Templates.

Can I edit a template? What template fields can I edit?
Business owners can edit a template when necessary. All fields can be edited except the card type. After editing a Template, all cards created with this Template will also be edited.

What happens when I edit a template?

Editing a template also edits the cards created with this template. So after editing a Template, all cards created with this Template will also be edited. Before saving your edit, be sure to check all the cards found in this Template.

Can I edit a card from a template individually?

Yes, you can edit a card from a Template individually. This card will remain in the Template.

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