Automation of Early Payments

This new feature allows you to automate the payment of your credit line whenever you are about to reach your limit, so you can use it without interruptions.


How can you activate this function?

  1. Log in to your Clara account and go to the 'Company' section in the left side menu.
  2. Click on the 'Set up direct debit' button and choose the option 'Early payments'.
  3. Now, choose between 60%, 70%, and 80% of your credit line usage.
  4. Click on 'Save changes', and you're all set!


Every time you reach the selected utilization percentage, your payment will be automatically processed so you can continue using your Clara credit line, and your balance will be available again within 2 business days.



Is there any requirement to use this functionality?

You need to have direct debits set up in your company.


What happens with the cards, does the balance on the cards also reset when the direct debit is applied?

We charge everything you've spent up to that point, so you can use your cards again 2 days after the charge.


Is the charge made immediately?

From Clara's side, we process it as soon as you reach the utilization %, and it usually takes no more than two days to be reflected in your platform. Please note that no charges will be made three days before the last day of the billing period.


Who can configure early payments?

Individuals with the roles of "Owner" and "Accountant" in the company.


Can the functionality be deactivated once it's configured?

Yes, it can be deactivated from the "Company" section.


If there were insufficient funds at the time of the charge, will it be retried?

Yes, we'll send you a communication regarding the failed attempt, and then we'll try to charge two more times.


How long will it take for my balance to be available?

Once you receive the communication that the balance used will be debited and the debit is successful, you'll have the balance available within a maximum of two business days.

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