What types of Users are there?


To help you have greater control of your company's finances, at Clara, we've created different types of users:


Company Owner:

  • This user has full access to the platform and can view full reports by group, user or location.
  • The Company Owner user can create groups, users, cards, block cards and block users.
  • Responsible for setting the credit limit for each group (team/area) so that managers can distribute the budget with their team.


  • This user can create users and cards within their group (work team).
  • The Manager User has access to group reports in general and to users within their group.
  • This user can block cards and users within the same group.
  • Responsible for assigning a credit limit to each user within the group.


  • An Employee User is limited to their personal reports only.
  • In case of theft or loss of this user's card, the card can be blocked from their app, but an Employee User must ask their manager to replace the card.


  • This user has the same permissions within the platform as a Company Owner.


  • This user has the same access to view the cards of your team members, users, and transactions.
  • The user can download and attach invoices.
  • The user has access to account statements and can make payments towards the Clara line of credit.
  • Company Owners and Managers can create this role.


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