How to request an explanation?

How can you report a transaction?

  1. Enter your Clara platform
  2. Go to the "Movements" section
  3. Click on the transaction you want to report
  4. Select the "see status" option and then click on "report transaction"
  5. Fill out the information that we will request from you
  6. Click "send" and that's it.


You can check the status of the report whenever you need by following the same flow.


How long can a clarification take to be resolved?

The review of the application can take up to 5 days and depending on the final ruling, it can take up to 45 days, since it is necessary to make validations together with the business.



Before reporting, keep in mind


Unrecognized transaction:

  • Check that it is not a recurring charge for any subscription
  • If you have never purchased from the store and the transaction is in "authorized" status. Contact us.


Return of a trade:

  • We ask you to check with the business, returns may take up to 15 days to be reflected.


Duplicate transaction:

  • Check the status of the transactions, if one is pending and the other authorized, it will not be charged
  • If both transactions are authorized, contact us.
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